Frequently Asked Questions


What age groups do you teach?
I teach ages 6-96 but specialize in beginners where I have the opportunity to lay a good foundation. I accept 5 year olds on a case-by case basis depending on physical and emotional development.

How long do lessons last?
It varies according to the age, maturity, and development of fine motor skills. As a general rule of thumb, adequate hand-size is reached at about age 5 and lessons no longer than 30 minutes are sufficient. Ages 6-11 require a minimum 45-minute lesson, but more advanced students may need a full hour. An hour lesson is recommended for ages 12 and older.

How often should I have a lesson?
Once a week except for vacations and a flexible summer schedule. Remember, the keys for mastering any skill are a predictable structure and consistency.

Can I start anytime?
Yes, you can begin anytime and I will pro-rate the month. However be aware that since I am a traveling teacher and go to different areas each day, there will be limited availability as the months progress.

I don’t have a piano, is a keyboard okay?
As long as the key width is the same as a piano, a keyboard is fine. However the more advanced student will require either a piano or a high-quality digital keyboard.

How long should I practice?
I believe in quality over quantity. Your goal should be to play the assigned piece 5 times correctly (that means no mistakes!) daily. That may take 10 minutes or half an hour depending on how carefully you practice.

What happens if I miss a lesson?
I require 48-hour notice to be eligible for a make-up lesson. Please see my Studio Policy for further details.


“Francesca brought me Star Wars to play. We had a really good time and it was fun, especially when she said ‘Play louder!’.”
—Andrew H.

“I worried about starting lessons as an adult. But Francesca is very patient and understanding. Every so often I have a ‘senior moment’ and we just giggle about it together. Whenever I get discouraged she reminds me that since I don’t have a date at Carnegie Hall it’s ok just to have fun.”
—Tom B.

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