Private vs. Group Lessons

Private lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. Moreover, according to Professor Gottfried Schlaug (Harvard University) “one-on one instruction causes widespread expansion in volume across many areas of the brain”, commonly known as “The Mozart Effect”. This only occurs when the training is highly structured for each student, as in the private studio setting.

The only time group lessons are appropriate are when the student wants to “test out” an instrument before making a commitment—they will not receive any academic benefit (such as higher SAT scores), but it is cost effective short term. Once they have chosen an instrument, finding a teacher who specializes offers maximum rewards both musically and academically.

On the surface, group lessons appear to be financially sound. To illustrate my point, local teachers who charge a comparable rate to mine offer group lessons with a minimum of 4 students at $55 each for a 50 min. “hour”. That’s a whopping $220 for a 50 minute lesson where each student will be lucky to receive 12.5 minutes of attention.

I have taught group lessons in the past but due to the differences in student level, age, attention span and learning style, progress is minimal at best.


“My son Tyler started taking lessons with Francesca at age 8 and now he is in High School. Francesca inspired and encouraged him to become a better pianist than we had ever hoped for. She is committed to excellence and is a genuine cheerleader of Tyler and his musical interest. We love Francesca!”
—Kim H.

“My daughter Sophia started learning piano at age 5. After one year she was still unable to read notes. As a parent investing hard earned money, this was disappointing to say the least. After just a few weeks with Francesca she was able to read notes and play them! With each week we saw the growth and development she made. Francesca is a very professional and dedicated teacher. She has high expectations of her students, but at the same time is calm, patient and nurturing. Both my daughter (now 9) and my son (age 6) are taking lessons. They keep on asking ‘When is Francesca coming again?’ You would be hard pressed to find someone better.”
—Cindy G

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